Gabriel Prokofiev's Nonclassical

The Carmen recently had the great pleasure to play host to the first Nonclassical event to take place on French shores.

Created and put together by Gabriel Prokofiev, Nonclassical aims to present classical music in an original way to an audience often new to the more modern its more modern aspects. Originally set up as a record label, Gabriel has put together a variety of artists of all styles of music. Remixes by the likes of Hot Chip and Thom Yorke of Radiohead have cemented its reputation as a label challenging the expectations of modern classical music.

As a club night, it has existed within London for three years now, and it was only a matter of time before they made their way across the channel. We were delighted that it would be us bringing such an exciting concept to Paris. Consisting of a variety of performances, as well as intermittent DJ sets by Gabriel himself, the nights provide a cross section of everything the label does and stands for. The 4 performances came in the form of a duet from Pianist Jean Dubé and violinist Ching-Yun Tu, saxophonist Joshua Hyde and flautist Paolo Vignaroli. Gabriel played a set unlike any other heard in the Carmen before. A mixture of modern classical, and glitchy electronic that gradually built throughout the course of the night. It was a fascinating listen throughout.

We're looking forward to hosting more Nonclassical evenings in the future where there'll be more live performances to enjoy. For the time being though, check out www.nonclassical.co.uk for more information and the opportunity to buy some of their excellent releases.

Thanks also to Jean Picon for taking these fine photos for us.