Tyler, the Destroyer.

The arrival of Tyler the Creator and his cohorts had been much anticipated throughout Paris, their sold out show the talk of the town. Having built themselves a reputation for the unpredictable bordering on insane, no one was quite sure what to expect when it was announced they would deliver a press conference to Paris' media.

Here to promote the release of his new album Goblin, everyone was here for Tyler. The atmosphere in the room leading up to the arrival was one of excitement mixed with trepidation. Interviews with the rising star have been notoriously difficult, a fear confirmed the moment they set foot in the Carmen. The assembled group of 60 journalists were quickly told (with the most colourful of language!), that he would rather not be there. However, for all the evident disaffection felt for this kind of occasion, Tyler was a thrilling interviewee. Partly menacing, partly flirtatious and from time to time, genuinely insightful (a bizarre tale about the value of Belgian waffles in relation to his album). He was keen to give no straight answers, but instead preferred to play with the gathered journalists for his and the groups amusement - at one point asking for a show of hands by those who watched internet porn (there were a lot of hands raised if you're interested!).

They were gone as quickly as they came in a flash of expletives, a chorus of "SWAG" and a bottle of champagne emptied out onto the floor. It was bizarre intimidating and yet at the same time imbued with the sense that it was all just a bit of fun. Certainly the feelings afterwards were those of confusion, but mostly people were thrilled to have witness what they did. Ourselves included!

Below is a brief snippet from the conference. Thanks to OFive TV for letting us use their photos.