The Book Club : Chapter 2

Wednesday saw the second chapter of the Book Club at Le Carmen. Rapidly becoming a firm favourite, the night has captured the imagination of a cool, literary crew - we're talking about you! Put together by the team behind upcoming magazine A Tale of Three Cities, the night aims to bring people together through the simple love of a good book. Each and every one is encouraged to turn up with a literary love (a stonewall classic, a cook book, erotic memoirs), anything goes. Although there are comfy sofas abound, settling in for a night's gentle perusal of French philosophy is not on the cards. Spurred on by cocktails and fine music, the discussion and eventual swapping of a favoured tome is the name of the game.

Providing the entertainment this week was the profoundly talented and exceptionally well dressed Maxence Cyrin. Serenading the masses with a collection of pop classics made classical through his own interpretation. A set list including Justice, The Pixies and Beyonce is not normally expected from a man in a white silk bow tie, but such are the enjoyable contradictions of the night. Backing him up was the ever suave David Piper (with whom we had the pleasure to swap books!) and some minimal techno provided by Mr. Aurelian B. Much ike the books on offer, there was something for everyone's tastes.

The team at A Tale of Three Cities also created a special one off bookmark, which are no doubt exchanging hands on ebay for exorbitant sums! If you didn't manage to get one, fear not. We are working on other surprises for Chapter 3, which will take place on the 27th of April.

Thanks again to Un Autre Quelq'un for the stunning photos.

A Tale of Three Cities' website can be found here.