The Book Club

Last Wednesday saw the inaugural Book Club at Le Carmen. Put together by the team behind up-and-coming magazine A Tale of Three Cities, the Book Club sought to bring a more civilised approach to midweek drinking. All attendees were requested to show up with a well loved book to charitably exchange for another's loved one or "ones" in the case of a greedy few. The Carmen rooms were awash with chatter of often overwhelming sophistication, as bookish chaps sought to impress the ladies with their breadth of... knowledge.

Joking aside, we can't really put it any better than the team behind the evening:

Tuesday 24th February, 2011: There is nothing worse than a wet Wednesday. But The Book Club at Le Carmen made it better. In fact, it made it really quite lovely. The dress code was simple. Bring a book. And they did. Dr Seuss to Dostoevsky, mini Hindu verses to massive tomes of Vanessa del Rio. Nabokov, Wodehouse, Schteyngart, old friends and new. Tom Rosenthal on the grand piano, The Groove Unit and pencil-moustachioed Piper on the decks. Ceiling roses above, champagne in hand. We had a great time: thank you.

And so did we. The photos below do testament to that. We're now looking forward to making the club a more regular occurrence, so do start thinking of which book to bring next.

If you'd like any more info on A Tale of Three Cities, do have a look here. It looks like its going to make for a fascinating read.

All photos courtesy of Un Autre Quelq'un.