Ami Sioux

Back in January Ami Sioux came to le Carmen to host a night of live music and scandalously trendy DJs. Showcasing the latest incarnation of her music - accompanied by Brice Partouche of April 77 on drums - she played a set of magnificently wrought and powerful songs. Bathed in candle light, and with Brice more reminiscent of a deranged shaman than a drummer, it made for fantastic viewing.

Thankfully, with the help of good friend Ilan Rosenblatt, we were there to get it all on tape for those not fortunate enough to be there. If you look closely, you'll also see our marble walls make an appearance as surprisingly fine precussive instruments.

Thanks once again to Ami & Brice. They'll be bringing their impeccable taste in rock 'n' roll back to le Carmen over Fashion Week from the more conventional location of behind the decks.

You can check out the multi-talented Ami's photography as well at: http://amisioux.tumblr.com/